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The 12QL Program

Details of the 12QL Program

Over the 90 days of the 12QL program leaders will see and know that their leadership is creating the personal and group improvements that they desire.

The 12QL Program is structured around 12 questions; one question asked weekly for 12 weeks. (not the same question asked for 12 weeks of course! A different question each week). Each question will explore a specific leadership challenge. Your focus will challenge your thinking and we present techniques and tools that will develop awareness and the opportunities for change in those areas it is seen as necessary.

You will then practice what you have learned in the weeks in between questions.

The techniques that we use during the weekly sessions ensure that all participants are fully engaged during each session.

We offer support through individual and group coaching, during each session and as part of your program package. 

Another great thing about this program is that it has been designed to be as simple as possible, we worked deliberately to make sure it is free of theoretical ‘clutter’. The value lies in its simplicity. But don’t think simplicity means that you will not learn anything, you will, and it will begin to change something in you about your new of leadership and what you bring to your leadership. It will challenge you, and you will want to explore more once you have begun to experience the program.

To make the 12QL program easy to attend we run it virtually via video conferencing media. This provides the greatest opportunity for leaders to be anywhere in the world and still be part of this unique leadership development experience. If you’re travelling, you can call in. You can call in on lap tops and devices. You don’t have to be in the office or attend a classroom. 

We offer you two 12QL program options.

12QL Program Options

12QL group program

There is a maximum 10 participants for each group. The members of the group do not change once a program has commenced If a participant chooses to leave the program, they will not be replaced.

Included in the cost of the program:

Participants have available 3 individual coaching sessions that will conducted at a time of their choosing during the program. These sessions will be valid to be completed for 4 weeks after the conclusion of the last session of the program that they are enrolled.

Access to all resources relevant to the program.

Cost of the program is $3,000 AUD 

12QL individual program

1:1 instruction and coaching of the 12 week program. The advantage of this program is that individuals have direct and immediate access to the skills and experience of the facilitator.

Cost of the program is $6,000 AUD

You can select your option when you REGISTER

"Dave created an environment of trust and no judgement which was key for me to be able to break down my own internal barriers and look at things as they truly are. He asked powerful questions that I would often reflect on during the week and could not let go off until I had an “a-ha” moment." - Cynthia