About Us

David Smith | Founder of Smidj

David Smith created Smidj to deliver on a single mission - create leaders that bring meaning and purpose to their role and the people they lead.

The 12QL program was created to deliver on this mission.

The work that David does with leaders is to have them focus on those challenges that are really important to them. Challenges that are not generally acknowledged within wider leadership conversations. But challenges that potentially have a major emotional and physical impact on a leader and their ability to lead effectively.

We all want to be happy when we go to work. Being happy and engaged makes you more productive, easier to work with, and more willing to contribute to the success of others. Each persons leader is a key influencer in the level of their happiness and effectiveness while they are at work.

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Smidj offices are located in Frankston South, 3199. 

Victoria, Australia.

"Dave created an environment of trust and no judgement which was key for me to be able to break down my own internal barriers and look at things as they truly are. He asked powerful questions that I would often reflect on during the week and could not let go off until I had an “a-ha” moment." - Cynthia