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The Why and How of Leadership

Impact Leader Purpose

The Impact Leader programmes, also known as iLdr, were created with the purpose to develop leaders with heart and soul. When we do this, we change the corporate conscience, where value and profit is the outcome of heart centred organisations and not their sole focus. 

Working internationally and locally as an individual and group coach, each engagement is build around this purpose.  

iLdr forms its foundations on two key principles - if a leader can understand why they lead, then they can then create an awareness about how they lead. Each intricately linked, that forms the leaders behaviour , and ultimately their impact. 

The simple model then uses three distinctions of impact - constructive, destructive and ineffective. Each coming with their own set of behavioural consequences within the organisation. 

ILdr programmes are not intended to suit all leadership development needs. Our focus is specifically aimed at: 

  • Preparing Emerging Leaders form leadership roles. 
  • Preparing existing leaders for promotion into more demanding roles.
  • Existing leaders who have low team engagement.  

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Emerging iLdr Program

This program will build the transition capability and impact of participating leaders without the need to manage their performance after transition.  Participants will experience less stress and greater confidence in performing their role. This means a more effective and productive transition time for the individual, teams and organisation. 

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iLdr Engagement

Team engagement ranks among the top concerns of leaders. The reality of this does not entirely rest on the leadership of the organisation, but they do have a considerable impact on culture through how they lead. This iLdr programme supports leaders in understanding engagement and finding the resources within to make constructive leadership impact to improve team engagement.

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iLdr Coaching

Coaching that focuses on the challenges and issues that are seen as blockers to fully productive relationships and outcomes.

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